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Elderberry Song –
Invitation to the common creation and use of a power & healing song CD to sing along

 This autumn a special task awaits us, the result of which will be available to all people in near and far in November.
Together with singers of our this year’s Canto MitSing caravan and the Canto Street Band, we will sing the Elderberry Song (Gabriel Kelly) for a seriously ill woman from this group and record it for everyone around as a 60-minute sing-along CD. To make it possible to use for everybody who wants or need it, we want to invite everybody to let it come into reality.
With our singing and the docking to the intimate and loving experience of our singing journey, we want to immerse ourselves for a while into the common inner space of the elder with all its healing power. As a loving space, beyond the personal references, it is connected to the love itself that flows into all our lives. Therefore, we will record this song as we perform, and provide it as a CD to sing along to pave all of us into immersing ourselves in this space, if we wish.
In all personal suffering, these can also be moments in which we can heal as a society. And learn - to develop our humanity further and to give birth again to a living culture of healing songs for us now and for everything to come. We want to seize this moment and face it as a whole.
This includes the attempt to share this project not only musically, but also financially.
This means that we invite you to raise the costs of € 4,000 for copyrights, layout, duplication, studio, equipment and musicians. We offer you to pre-order the CD’s, to pre-finance a part as a loan or to donate something. Every little amount is useful for that. If by the end of October not all the money is together, I will give the difference.
The CD should be released on 17th of November and then go on for a donation according to everybody’s own possibility to anyone who needs and enjoy. From the then donations incoming loans can be repaid. If surpluses arise, we will support the work of the free midwives in Germany, who work at the very beginning of life for security, basic trust, love and connectedness. With music we can cause a lot. For this purpose, another network project is in progress, which will soon be informed here.
If you want to support the project, we look forward to receiving a donation, loan or pre-orders of the CD.

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